The Root of Love Guide by Tatianna Tarot

The Root of Love Guide

A 'How To' on clearing out limiting energies in your field & manifesting love for self & romance.

What's included?

EFT Healing Guide for Self Love, Attracting Love and Abundance

Use this EFT guided technique to flush through any heavy emotions regarding self-love, appreciation, romance & reprogram your subconscious.
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Illuminating Spreads Worksheets

Use this worksheet as prompts for your Illuminating Self-Love Spread and Illuminating Relationship Spread 
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Meditation on Cutting Energetic Cords of Toxic Energies x Toxic Relationships

Use this meditation to clear energetic cords from past lives & past or current relationships. 
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The Illuminating Relationship Spread

Use this Spread to gain insight on your relationships, what needs to be released, what your biggest lessons are & how to heal them.
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The Illuminating Self-Love Spread

Use this Spread to gain insight on how to love self, how this manifests in relationships, how to embrace self & how to heal any blockages.
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